LB Jochen Holz | SuSe 2024

Lehrbeauftragter SuSe 2024 /
Visiting Lecturer Summer Semester 2024


Jochen Holz originally trained in lamp engineering and design in Germany before moving to Britain to study glass at Edinburgh College of Art and The Royal College of Art. After graduating in 2003 he established his own studio in Stratford, east London.

Concentrating on the unusual technique of lamp working, Jochen is one of very few glass artists practising this form of glass blowing in Britain. His design approach is guided by the making process and the flow of hot glass. Navigating the possibilities and restrictions of the technique and material, his objects range from free formed textured borosilicate tumblers and vases to coloured incalmo jugs and wine glasses.
The Danish company HAY produces and sells Jochen’s glass jars. He works on free projects and has experience as a designer for industrial British glass companies.

Jochen Holz lives and works in East London and in his workshop he will give an introduction into lamp working and deforming borosilicate glass,

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