LB Ottonie von Roeder | WiSe 2020/21

Lehrbeauftragter WiSe 2020/21
Visiting Lecturer Winter Semester 2020/21


Ottonie von Roeder (MA Social Design Design Academy Eindhoven) works in the field of critical and social design, design research and design education. Trained as a designer in Switzerland, Germany, Israel and the Netherlands, she applies speculation and playfulness to understand and question existing cultural, societal and political systems and structures.

To trigger a wider discourse and to communicate her concepts, she uses installations, objects, performance, video, graphics and photography as a media. In 2018 Ottonie won the Dutch Design Awards in the category Service & Systems  with Cow&Co.

Currently, Ottonie is based in Leipzig, and works in different collaborations in Germany and abroad. Her work centers around topics such as the future of cities and consumption-production.
Ottonie will be Visiting Lecturer for the Find a Fact & Act project of Design & Social Context that runs in the Winter Semester of 2020/21.

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