VISITING TALK: 27 nov, Lukas Henneberger | WiSe 2023/24

27 november 2023
Room 202, 15.15h 

Lukas Henneberger graduated in MA productdesign at the UdK in 2023.
His final project be seeing you investigates the theoretical link between artificial intelligence and security. The projects goal is to create an exaggerated, yet possible future, both utopia, and dystopia to reconsider the possibilities of A.I. and to raise awareness of potential ethical issues arising from it. It also aims to reflect our current digital behaviour and relationship with object detection technology. Furthermore, the project emphasizes the social context of securitisazion in combi- nation with privacy. By doing so, the potential of artificial intelligence is showcased while avoid- ing a dystopian future. See project

On 20 November Lukas will talk about his graduation project and the discomfort created by A.I.