Agar Lamp | Sachi Kogame



Agar Lamp

The lamp reacts depending on different interactions. When you frighten the lamp, it gets scared. When you stroke it gently, it gets sleepy. This behavior of the lamp is similar to human behavior, but the material is completely different so that it creates a mysterious atmosphere.
The main part of the lamp is from agar which is a jelly-like, edible substance. Because it’s organic material, it gets bad after a few days . Consuming the lamp before it dies has a positive effect on the environment.
I’ve researched about “abiogenesis” which means that life comes out of nothing. After that I focused on behavior that is similar to life. I wanted to make a product which is not permanent. I am interested in products that are human-like which can change depending on their feelings and it can perish. We can change our point of view to products.
The Agar lamp first seems to be a product, but once you look closer you will find life in it.