PROBE, UdK-IPP presentation at SaloneSatellite Milan 2018

From 16 till 22 April 2018 the Product Design course of Universität der Künste Berlin presented itself at SaloneSatellite, the section for schools and recent graduates of the international acclaimed Salone del Mobile in Milano.

Under the title PROBE both student and graduate projects showed how UdK’s BA and MA Product Design students today explore: looking into new materials and techniques for design and aiming to find new typologies and products that fit to the time we live in and our future.

The projects that were presented can be found here.

Before their trip to Milan the student had a workshop with Gunda Siebke of Schöner Wohnen, on communication skills to be well prepared for visitors of the UdK stand.

Through short films and social media their whereabouts where documented, see for instance #udkmilano2018.
Below you find impressions of the presentation in Milan.

presentation for:
UdK Berlin – Institute of Product and Process Design
Curatorial concept and supervision by  Prof. Ineke Hans

Exhibitors: Joana Schmitz, Cathryn McAnespy, Ayosha Kortlang, Sascha Huth, Laureanne Kootstra, Kimia Amir Moazami, Katharina Bellinger, Parinaz Jabirian, Anna Ryzhova, Jonna Breitenhuber, Dominik Annies, Dennis Nguyen, Sophie Stanitzek, Moriel Blau, Louis Bindernagel, Martin Fenske, Pauline Schlautmann, Eric Esser, Yair Kira, Philipp Hainke, Sebastian Goldschmidt Boeing

 Setting up and taking down