Unendlicht ! | Bastian Thürich


„Dad … what is infinity, when does it stop and where does the light come from?“

These are questions that appear for the first time in early childhood and often sound shortly before falling asleep. „Unendlicht“ gives an intuitive access to these topics, where parents tend to drift off into highly philosophical, technical or physical explanations. The night light is powered by neither a power cord nor a battery, which holds a secret. If you whip the self-contained cord through the ball, it will light up. Round by lap, brighter and lighter. If you stop, it lights up for about 15min until it gets weaker again, goes out and the child has fallen asleep.

We do not stop to think about infinity throughout our lives, we as humanity have to think about how we deal with light, in the wider sense with energy. Maybe it’s our children will find new, better answers to these questions.

Bastian Thürich, 5.sem WS 2017/18

September 2018:
3087 entries from 107 countries were submitted for the 20th edition of the Braun Prize competition…
Bastian’s project made it to the Braun Prize longlist of 50 best projects!