20-28 Oct: A Pick of Power House – at Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

We live in a networked society and for products we speak about the internet of things. With all that the digitisation in and around our houses grows. This is all very exciting, but it also means that more and more products with plugs and power are needed where we the ‘Paris agreements’ and really have to slow down on our use of energy in the future!

Young product designers today have to do more than just creating nice new objects. They also have to develop critical skills and visions on how to develop and produce goods in the future.

Spring Summer 2018 Professor Ineke Hans ran a the Power House projects with her students. They worked on the development of new products, projects, systems and strategies that offer sensible and sustainable solutions for our houses; either high-tech or low-tech.

The Power House projects took place in three stages.
> A short warming up project, including a visit to German Technikmuseum Berlin, exploring various old and new technologies, materials and strategiesresulting in outcomes tosupport future living.
> A short workshop with Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel on future technologies, including a visit to Berlin urban farm Infarm aiming for possible and speculative outcomes.
> The final Power House projects where shortprojects could be taken further, or a new project could be started aiming for powerful concepts for the house that make sense and that are sustainable.
The students were asked to support their work with films, facts, figures and strategies to back up their ideas and to give insight in their feasibility. In july the Power House Projects ended with Sense & Sustainability, a symposium with international guests.

From 20 till 28 October a selection of Power House projects will be presented at the acclaimed Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven under the wings of Ineke Hans’ personal presentations of her London Furniture Salons.

A Pick of Power House at Dutch Design Week
20-28 Okt. 11:00-18:00, Veem (Strijp S) Eindhoven, see

More info on the Power House projects, see