Power House | SS 2018

Marjan van Aubel: current table

4/6. Semester BA
max 16 participants also open for MA ‚Anpassungsstudium‘

Prof. Ineke Hans
LB workshop / visiting lecturer: Marjan van Aubel

Included talks:
• 8 May: Marjan van Aubel at Design Transfer

Louis Bindernagel
Dong Lui
Nadia Narges Rezaei
Sarah Sekles
Sophie Stanitzek
Bastian Thürich
Tillman Vanhöf
Jake (Bubby) Vernon


We live in a networked society and for products we speak about the internet of things. With all that the digitization in and around our houses grows.This is all very exciting, but it also means that more and more products with plugs and power are needed where we really have to slow down on our use of energy in the future!
Young product designers today have to do more than just creating nice new objects. They also have to develop critical skills and visions on how to develop and produce goods in the future.

In this project we will work on the development of new products, projects, systems and strategies that offer sensible and sustainable solutions for our houses. This can be  high-tech or low-tech.

• The aim is to focus on new products for future living but also on the footprints that those projects have in the world when they get out there.
• We will look into research methods, experiment with old and new materials, methods and technology, and develop plans and strategies to implement outcomes in current systems.
• The project will be finished with an exhibition in Design Transfer and a symposium with some international guests.

PART 1 (23 April-4 May):
Power House Short, integrated Short Time Projekt & heat up/brainstorming into the project, exploring technology, the power of materials, sustainability and strategic themes
• visit to German Techikmuseum Berlin, exploring materials and power

PART 2 (7 – 16 May):
• Workshop with award winning Marjan van Aubel
• 8 May: talk Marjan van Aubel in Design Transfer
• case study visit to Infarm Berlin (t.b.c.)
• second stage of developments

PART 3 (23 May-16 July):
• finetuning part 1 and part 2
• strategic developments
• 17-22 July: overall presentation and symposium SENSE & SUSTAINABILITY at Rundgangs weekend with international guests in designtransfer Berlin