Gabriela Guasti Rocha | 2017 | Bachelorarbeit Modedesign


INTUERI is about being aware of the senses that already exist upon us. From a very fundamental and deep level, making us reconnect with our primitive instincts. Our most ancient desires and senses remembered by the use of technology making us aware of our new environments.
It is a proposal to discuss the unseen that quietly in uences us in ways we don’t even know but we only feel. An invitation to think about technology changes that are happening now. Relating it to the body, senses on the skin. Transforming an abstract yet concrete way of feeling the invisible world of the electronics around us, and re ect on the ever present computing.
The copper embroidery is embedded with a technology that captures the invisible. Allowing us to transform magnetic elds into sound/vibrations so that we can be aware of the energy that surrounds us.
By feeling the electromagnetic elds and to discover that “the pseudo existent silence” is not real, can be quite shocking. This is possibly the biggest function of INTUERI, to reveal the unraveled. Waking us up to new dimensions of the new world.

Betreut von:    Prof. Carolin Lerch // Prof. Jozef Legrand // Prof. Dr.  Ingeborg Harms

Foto: Eeva Suutari
Model: Zara Alexa Schweimler
Make-up: Mami Oonishi