Bonbon | Angela Sun



Bonbon is a type of plastic money, that is universal. It can be recycled and printed in a machine, which the machine is located spread out the city. Everyone can bring the raw plastic material to the machine, and it will print the money in pieces. The value of different coins is coded by color. Each small piece is connect by a thin recycled plastic sheet, and can be broken in parts due to needs. People are also able to customize the value of one sheet by putting varies value coins on the sheet. 

The machine: In order to create a system that is not controlled by centralized institution, the machine has a network that is linked using cryptography. Each printing process generates a message that is saved on every machine, so it protect the data from modification. 

Because such environmental damage that plastic production have brought, human might not be able to produce virgin plastic in the future anymore. Only the remained plastic that are already used can be recycled, and will become quite valuable material. They are located in the ocean and mountain, waiting for people mining it. People will be mining it and make them into currency to use. The amount of total plastic in the future will be fixed since there are no new productions. This avoids inflation and deflation for currency.

Customization: Not only people can customize value of each sheet, but also they can connect the coins to wearable items, use the coins as jewelry also. It can be wear on arms, on hair, on neck, depends on each user’s preference.