Louis A. Krüger

NEOPHYT | 2020 | Ba Modedesign



«neophyt» is a hybrid- a highly sensitive botanic cyborg

«neophyt» is based on a three-part system:
1. Security: the need to protect the body and the longing for contact at the same time.
2. Culture: cultivating nature according to human concepts
3. Nature: a circular flow, the essence

«neophyt» is a dialogue between culture and nature, between design and pullulated volumes.
«neophyt» Is a post-human utopia, that invites you to transcend and transform
«neophyt» wants to conquer the categories of gender race and class
«neophyt» has a moving effect on humans, animals, plants and cyborgs
«neophyt» happens in a transforming room- a blank line.

The space is constantly exposed to metamorphosis: a laboratory, an aquarium, a poetic biotope, a walk in the woods.

Created in consultation with:
Prof. Wowo (Waldemar) Kraus  /  Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Harms / KM Lars Paschke






Fotos: Esther Haase
H&M: Gunnar Schendera
Models: Robina von M4