greencards & supports for Georgia, Felix, Milan & Tim

German Design Graduates 2020 have announced Greencards, Supports and Awards

22 GDG Ambassadors
selected 34 Greencards, Supports and Awards
from 159 applications
of 14 German Design Universities

23 applications were from UdK Product Design

Because of Corona a network event and award ceremony with 600 people like last year was not possible.

Therefore an Award Ceremony Film was commissioned to film students of Fh Potsdam

4 UdK graduates were selected for one or more  greencards and supports:
Georgia von le Fort – Relics
– PR coaching from Jasmin Jouhar
– a 3 months Residency with MAGAZIN Residency
Felix Yarwood – Soft Bodies
– Green Card for imm Cologne
– Shortlisted for ein-und-zwanzig, Milan
Milan Siegers – SpinCuisine

– Founding-coaching from Daniel Lorch and Anna Badur
Tim Bader – KAERU
– projekt-Coaching from LÄUFER & KEICHEL

For a full overview, have a look at all GDG Awards and Supports

In June an independent Jury  with 5 members of the various GDG ambassador-groups (design culture / design perspectives / design presentations / design practice / design press) allready selected five UdK Design Graduates for the 2020 Exhibition with 47 exhibitors of all schools in Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin.
That exhibition will take place as a double exhibition with the GDG expo in 2021.
For a full overview, have a look at of all GDG 2020 exhibitors