Marilia Afxentiou

Open-Ended Play | 2021 | Ba Modedesign


Open-ENded Play

When thinking about my project and designing the games, I wanted children to create from their imagination rather than following instructions. Giving the opportunity to children to create on their own with what is given to them, so that they are free to imagine, explore ideas, and invent new things. With my designs I wanted to create tools for the imagination. These modular systems are manipulable parts that inspire constructive and creative play. Abstract in their identity, these toys inspire children to imagine their use.

“What is it?” and “What does it do?”

The toys, are designed to be used in the children’s daily life. They can be worn, played or even used as a play rug. They are ideal for open-ended play since there are endless possibilities during playtime. There are no instructions for children to follow. Children have the flexibility to form their own decisions and fully engage their creativity and imagination. They can be used in pretend play as well. It is amazing how children with such simple shapes and by just using their imagination can transform a triangle shape into a cape, pretending to be a superhero, who will save the world, or transform a butterfly shape into a sleeping bag ready to shelter them in the deep jungle. The fact that there is not a right or wrong answer, gives the children, this sense of “I can do it, I can think for myself.”

Created in consultation with: Prof. Wowo (Waldemar) Kraus, Gast Prof. Franziska Schreiber, KM Magdalena Kohler



Photographer: Jiuk Kim @keemgeewook
Models: Emil Grimm & Luisa Grimm
Assistant: Koralia Afxentiou @_koralia_