Sara Smed & Patricia Wagner

DIMENSION EXPLORERS | 2020 | Ba Modedesign


The graduation collection “Dimension Explorers“ reflects our diverse potential when joined forces. Our creations emerge from another dimension guided by peculiar spiritual fishes caught within a digital web reflecting the tendencies of our times. It’s about courage, play, attitude and imagination. It’s a demanding avant-garde graphical universe where the different pieces share a particular colour pallet. They are combinable in many inspiring ways or taken out of their “dimensional habitat” they breathe life into a more minimalist classic wardrobe. 

Our collection operates on a multidimensional scale and shows diversity yet connection. This means, that the pieces are both gendered & genderless, mulitsize & tailored, exaggerated & tranqualised, mulitcoloured & binary, handmade unique showpieces & reproducible manifactured ready-to-wear. The collection consists of a variety of tactile experiences made of handpicked materials chosen for their specific purpose, haptic feel and sustainable qualities. With “Dimension Explorers“ we present an alternative uplifting answer to the current by materialising joy and playfulness through our creations – It’s aware vivid fashion.

Created in consultation with: Prof. Valeska Schmidt-Thomsen, KM Magdalena Kohler, PROF. JOZEF LEGRAND  




Sponsorship & Collaborations:
Knitwear by Knitoffice b.v.b.a (Belgium)
Jacquard textiles by Weberei (Berlin & Italy)
Textile printing by Spoonflower (Berlin)
Hats and caps by Mathilde Førster (Denmark)