Kimia & Kim Selected for Antenna at DDW 2021

Nessi by Kim Kühl and Vorkoster by Kimia Amir Moazami are selected for Antenna 2021 at DDW Eindhoven

Antenna is a platform for young, international design talent, initiated by Design Indaba and Dutch Design Week. They aim ‚to pick the very best of a next generation that will have a positive impact on the world with new insights, clear ideals and strong ambition. No superficial products or big names, but people searching for answers to global challenges. Antenna gives them a voice and the chance to change the world.‘

Annually Antenna presents young students or recent graduates (past 2 years), under 35 years of age, ranging from first-year all the way to PhD level, who are creating design work that has the potential to change the world for the better.
At Dutch Design week projects are presented that show a high level of quality of work (innovation, function & use, sustainability & life cycle). The projects address one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as an overall aspect.
Antenna is interested in the process and the thinking behind the product or service, its environmental and social impact, its current feasibility and implementation, and its potential for future development.
Selected candidates are invited to Holland for a matchmaking and networking program and supported in short talks to targeted audiences.

This year 8 students and their projects were selected from international design  schools. Among them: Kimia Amir Moazami and Kim Kuhl from UdK.

• Kimia is selected with her graduation project Vorkoster a device that informs you about the quality of your food that you can use over and over again. Kimia developed Vorkoster by working closely together with researchers from the Fraunhofer Institut.
Kimia is invited to Dutch Design Week 2021 and will speak for a selected audience at the Ambassadors‘ dinner.

• Kim Kuhl is selected with Nessi a project that deals with draught and trees in urban environment. Nessi was developed in the Find a Fact & Act project of Prof. Ineke Hans

More info on the projects below

You can find more about join Antenna and the conference at Dutch Design Week 2021

Vorkoster at Antenna
Nessi at Antenna

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