DOUBLEYOU | Dominique Bertisch | BA 2023


This is a bachelors project with the goal to make personalized breast prosthesis affordable to everyone who is in need of it.

I don’t have the goal to show anyone what the perfect prosthesis in my opinion looks like. My goal is to encourage everyone to personally create an idea how their ideal prosthesis would look like and then give them the tools to create exactly that.

Through 3D technologies, such as 3D Scanning, CAD Programs and 3D Printing, this works as an instructions guide to create your personalized (external) breast prosthesis that is perfectly adapted to your body and your individual needs.

By creating the form on your own, you are independent from the selection at your local health care supply store.

The software used in this project is always also available as freeware, so that you only pay for the material costs for the 3D Print.

Through this project, I hope to break down barriers and that the wearers or prostheses are enabled and encouraged to autonomously create their own prosthesis with their individual needs in mind.

Due to the fabrication through 3D printing, it is possible to leave space behind the prosthesis for air flow, to copy exactly your own breast and to manipulate the overall texture to whatever form you like. There are no boundaries for your fantasies, personal choices and your individuality.

My long term goal is to built a network for the users, to exchange their tips and tricks for the process, to think the project further, and to have an anonymous database with 3D Scans, for people who are in need for breasts on both sides, and therefore cannot use a mirrored version of the remained breast.



Supervised by

Prof. Ineke Hans
Prof. Holger Neumann
KM Anja Lapatsch