– max 18 students
– 3. / 5+ sem. & MA anp. studium
– Mondays & Tuesdays
– Rooms 202/203

– Prof. Ineke Hans
– KM Maciej Chmara
– LB Vlasta Kubusova

– 17 Oct 12.30-13.30: extra info
– 18 Oct 10.00: kick off
– 22-30 Oct: a personal 3 day research visit to Dutch Design Week 2022 is recommended
– 8 Nov 19.00: beyond waste talk
– 30 Jan: final presentation incl. talks in Temporary Bauhaus Archiv Berlin
– 31 Jan:  sending in projects to WDCD

Lale Knapp, Nele Oetjens, Ania Jaca, Max O’Dell, Ernesto Ramirez, Oscar Parkinson, Limeng Liu, Lugar Ortmann, Noelle Loke, Finn Sauter, Michael Dziewior, Anna Wibke Münz, Johanna Printz, Severin Mörz, Nicolas Straub

Design & Social Context project related to:

What Design Can Do – Circular Design Challenge

Focus of this wintersemester:
• eliminating waste and pollution
• the circulation of technical and biological materials and products
• creating loops and impact

This October, WDCD (What Design Can Do) launches the Circular Design Challenge, a global design competition in search of creative responses to this very question:
How can we make a circular future not just accessible, but also attractive to people from all walks of life?

You design an object, a material or a method that supports that question.
At the end of the project you should be able to point out:
– What is the technical and the biological material in my project and what can be recycled?
– For the technical material: what part can be repaired, remanufactured or shared?
– For the biological material: what parts can be biodegraded, regenerated or kept in the loop?
– What is the (new) system and context to implement my project?

The challenge detects five area’s for circular living:
1. what we eat 2. what we wear 3. what we buy 4. how we package 5. how we build.

The tangible projects are presented in the Temporary Bauhaus Archiv Berlin and an evening symposium is organized on 30 January.

Additional info:
The full WDCD design brief is online HERE + a first newsletter with even more info’s HERE
WDCD’s Circular Design Challenge: