98% Polyester 2% Cotton

ab dem 6. Sem BA und Anpassungsstudium MA

Montag selbständige Arbeit
Dienstag Projektbesprechung

Prof. Wowo (Waldemar) Kraus KM Alexandra Börner, Stefan Hipp,
Dorothée Warning

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Working with limitations is a creative force. For the summer semester 2021 we still won´t be back to normal. We are continually being forced to think and work in different ways.

The challenge to work with nylon materials and to push the boundaries of the usage of this material will be the main focus and task of this semester project. Let`s put the negative notions of this material to one side and concentrate on and evolve positive ones.

Outerwear and accessories are the most obvious categories where nylons are used. Poppy colours, clean shades, construction, finishings with zips, velcro and seamless bonding have become the obvious codes for these kinds of garments and accessories.

Let´s put these accepted norms into question and refuse the standard trimmings and the obvious ways of constructing these kind of materials and research the more craft based techniques in other categories where nylon is used as well.

Each of the students will be asked to determine from the beginning of the project a percentage of nylon they will use to create their final outfits and accessories but it must be at least 50% nylon the rest can be any other material.