Projekttag: Montag,
Dienstag selbstständige Arbeit

Prof. Wowo (Waldemar) Kraus
Künstl. Mitarbeiterin Alexander Börner

Stefan Hipp (Schnitt)
Dorothée Warning (Fertigung)

Teilnehmerzahl: 15 Studierende
Projektraum: 412


If you combine the words fashion and art, it sounds like fart!Many collaborations between designers, fashion houses, brands with artists turn out to be a FART- a bit of a letdown. They are a literal translation of an artwork, art practice onto a fashion product. The artist is often seen as top of the creative arts, designers are frequently inspired by the work of artists, but the output is sometimes questionable. There are also a few examples which were mutually satisfying, such as Louise Bourgeois and Helmut Lang who were famous for their life long friendship and collaborations.

This Summer semester 2023 we will be working with three artists.

Jeewi Lee (visual artist)

Benjamin Yavuzsoy (visual artist)

Caroline Beach (performance artist)

The three artists will present their work, after the presentations the students will have the opportunity to choose one of the artists in order to delve deeper into their creative universe to understand their practice, concepts and use of material. The challenge for the students will be to translate the inspiration from the artists art pieces, practice and concepts into garments which are not a literal translation of the artist work. The students will have the opportunity to consult with the artist on several occasions during the semester, this dialog aims to insure a result that is satisfying for both parties.

Entwurfsprojekt für  BA 4-7. Semester und Anpassung Studierende MA