5. Sem BA Hauptstudium/

Dienstag 03.11.2020 10 Uhr

Gast Prof Deepti Barth, Prof. Wowo Kraus, Stefan Hipp, Dorotheé Warning


Leather is one of the oldest materials used by humans to protect themselves from the elements. Moreover, leather craft has deep and very distinctive roots in many cultures. For its unmatched qualities such as durability, breathability, water repellence and biodegradability, leather was and is still used in a great variety applications.

During its long history it was first transformed and crafted entirely by hand, in time becoming highly industrialised in its processing, with all the associated issues related to mass global production and consumption.

In modern leather processing, the hides are so highly treated, that all reference to their origin is lost and most consumers are not even aware which animal skin they wear on their own skin.

How can leather be used with due respect to create ecological and enduring products, accessories or garments? The critical aspect of working with animal skin will raise a discussion about these complex issues and on the subject of cultural appropriation.

Photo by Deepti Barth © 2011 Carol Christian Poell