stitch data

BA ab 5. Semester

Max. 6 Studierende


Angerechnet als:
WP 91201 oder 91301 (6 ECTS)
WP 90102 oder 90103 (4 ECTS)

Thursdays 14:00 – 18:00
Strasse des 17. Juni 118
Raum 206

Prof. Dr. Berit Greinke
Dorothee Warning

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Figure 1: Work and photo by Jordan Cunliffe

In this seminar we will explore how “data” can become meaningful and tangible through hand embroidery.

During the first two sessions you will be introduced to a range of embroidery stitches. We will also study examples from textile artists who use data visualisation and data-based storytelling in their work. A 30×30 cm sampler will be produced during this time to experiment with different techniques and data-to-stitch methods.

You will then work on a self-initiated project to encode a data set into an embroidery vocabulary and produce a stitched artefact showing the change of data over time. This can be based on personal data (e.g. daily routines during the semester), or be taken from a publicly available data set (e.g. election opinion polls).

We will meet during seminar times for stitching and group tutorials. A continuous progress needs to be made outside of seminar hours, and posted weekly to the seminar’s stitch wall.

Jordan Cunliffe, data embroidery designer and author of the book “Record, Map and Capture in Textile Art: Data visualization in cloth and stitch” (2022), will join as a guest for a group tutorial.


  1. Consistent and engaged participation
  2. 30 x 30 cm embroidery sampler
  3. Self-initiated project: A data set translated into an embroidery artefact
  4. Daily progress in stitching, with daily or weekly posting to the stitch wall
  5. Documentation

The self-initiated project will run through the summer.

While there will be presentations taking place on 4 July, students are expected to keep stitching until the end of August (end of July for MA students). Documentations are due on 27 September 2024.