LB Babette Wiezorek | SoSe 2022

Lehrbeauftragter SoSe 2022
Visiting Lecturer Summer Semester 2022


Babette Wiezorek is a Berlin-based product designer and art historian holding degrees in both Artistry and Science of Communication. She explores materials, technologies and the processes that connect them and brings  together mathematical concepts, coding and porcelain in computer-aided technologies (3D-printing). Her research activities are based on a fundamental interest in the natural and technical processes behind the creation of form. This interest led her to implement organic strategies like feedback or regulatory circuits into the system of a 3D-Printer and challenge the potential of that technology. Babette is co-founder of the project.

Additive Addicted explores the interface between materials research and development, generative strategies of coding and technological process design. Additive Addicted focusses on additive and computer-aided manufacturing procedures using fluid materials in particulaar ceramic materials. On the one hand Additive Addicted produces and distributes customizable ceramic objects. On the other hand it offers workshops to share knowledge and impart the specific features and qualities of this technology. Additive Addicted sees itself as a laboratory that researches, produces and educates. Thereby exploring and challenging the potential of 3d-printing with fluid materials, thus driving forward the emerging industries 4.0 with a design-led focus.

During the Summer Semester of 2022 Babette will introduce students of the FIGURINES! project into the additive procedure of ceramic 3d-printing. On the hand the workshop focussed on basic knowledge around ceramic materials and hands-on practice in 3d-printing. One the other hand she introduces generative and parametric approach to develop and find formal solutions fitting to the properties of the material and the procedure.