LB Dr. Armen Avanessian | SoSe 2021

Lehrbeauftragter SoSe 2021
Visiting Lecturer Summer Semester 2021


Armen Avanessian is a philosopher, literary scholar and political theorist. He is known for his works on speculative realism and accelerationism. He researches on topics of social acceleration and new technologies, also in the context of ecological challenges. He is the founder of the research platform, editor-at-large at MERVE Verlag and organizes the weekly theory series „Armen Avanessian & Enemies“ at the Volksbühne Berlin. His books have been translated into numerous languages.
In 2021 he holds a Guestprofessorship at the HFBK in Hamburg.
With Maciej Chmara, he led a series of talks called „Speculative Culinary“, which deals exclusively with the future of food.
– Armen supplements the theory part of the design project with socio-political and ecological issues through lectures and discussions.