Noa Lerner

Noa Lerner is an Israeli designer, lecturer and entrepreneur, currently based in Berlin.
Her work deals with concept development, design narratives, and innovation in social projects.
She is the creator of X-runner, a portable toilet specifically designed for private households in poor urban areas in developing countries.
Noa created an international and interdisciplinary team that joined forces to challenge the worldwide sanitation crisis.
In 2009 she presented the X-Runner project in the TedxBerlin platform.
Noa started her industrial design studies in Shenkar college of engineering and design, Tel Aviv and finished her Master degree at UDK, universität der künste Berlin.
Noa’s academic background and her work with international interdisciplinary teams led her to become a senior lecturer in M.Des., a post-professional graduate program, at Shenkar in various courses including practical design concepts and research methods.
She constantly seeks how design can affect the balance and solidarity between humans, technology, and nature.
Lately, her favorite material is porcelain, in which she plays with exploring the tension between the one-off product created in the mass production process.
She strives for improvisation and defects and admires the poetic of small gestures.