LB Tord Boontje | SuSe 2020

Lehrbeauftragter SuSe 2020
Visiting Lecturer Summer Semester 2020

I’m interested in creating elements for everyday life that are exciting and uplifting to live with” says Boontje. With a strong interest in storytelling, nature, decoration, materials and technology, his work has an experimental approach. The results can vary from ornate to minimal, from being handcrafted to being made-by-robots.

Tord Boontje (*1968)  lives and works in London where he started a studio in 1996.
His early projects were already in the area of mass production as well as experimental one-off pieces. He started selling his projects direct via the studio, via Habitat, worked for labels like Moroso, Swarovski, Yamaha, Kvadrat and Artecnica and grew an interest in social issues into working with artisans in developing countries, which led to projects in Guatemala, Senegal, Rio de Janeiro and Columbia.

For 5 years he had a studio in rural France before her returned to London in 2009, where he was appointed Professor and Head of Design Products at the Royal College of Art, a position he held for 4 years. In 2012 he moved his studio to East London and had a retail space with it for 5 years.

Tord is involved as visiting tutor in the Talking Shop project of  Design & Social Context that runs during the Summer Semester of 2020.
As an introduction he will speak about his work and share his experience, insights and knowledge on design and gifts and various shapes of shops and sales: 21 April, 16:00