TALKING SHOP: Love in the time of Corona | SoSe 2020

online design project:
for BA 4. Semester, 6+. Semester and MA Anpassungstudium

Prof. Ineke Hans
KM Maciej Chmara

visiting lecturers:
Anava ( Anna Carnick & Wava Carpenter)
Tord Boontje

external guest and
Anna Badur
extra program:

Student Assistant:
Xueqi Huangfu

Agnes Kelm, Anna Koppmann, Lisa Marie Böhm, Isabel Meierkoll, Xueqi Huangfu

* Die Liebe in den Zeiten der Cholera – Gabriel García Márquez, 1985


How and with what can design offer comfort, relief and… impact in times where trade fairs and design events are cancelled, where the fragility of our current system is evident and where (finally?) it becomes clear that consumption and new products are not the main priority for our society?

Design a meaningful material or immaterial gift for our new era.
Your design and new strategy has to be reproducible for a reasonable price (upto max € 50,00), or other type of exchange-unit, accessible to a wide audience, via a platform with a clear attitude, created by the semestergroup.
We will cooperate with UdK laden, and team up with Pamono and the fresh founders of anava.projects, an upcoming platform for ‘good global giving’.

Via online channels the project will:
a. look at production of small series through channels that starting designers can afford
b. ask for a critical attitude towards our actual needs, the position of the designer, the UdK Laden (UdK chocolate and pencils?) and an UdK attitude
c. give insight in current and new sales and marketing methods through discussions with self-producing designers, gift shops and representatives
d. explore stable new channels and cooperations to exchange products in the future, and the role of design in this

All projects, strategies, collaborations and presentations will ultimately be realized through materials, methods and workshops that are easily accessible to designers, producers and users in quarantine situations.
Underlying question to this shop project: How and what, do and can we produce, and…. what does impact mean? Should we be strict and functional and only think about the bare essentials, try to save the world, or offer objects that offer comfort and Love in the Time of Corona *?