This is becoming on you!

Credits: Joyce DiDonato

Image source: New York Times


Prof. Wowo (Waldemar) Kraus

Prof. Deborah York

LB Johanna Braun

Dorothée Warning (Fertigung)

Stefan Hipp (Schnittkonstruktion)


Projektstart: Donnerstag 18. April, 17.00 Uhr, UdK Gebäude in der Mierendorfstrasse 30

Projekttag: Montag selbständige Arbeit

Dienstag Konsultationen&Anproben      

Projektraum: 409

Teilnehmerzahl: alle Studierende aus dem 4.Semester

This is becoming on you!

In many industries there exist well established yet unwritten codes of conduct regarding how to dress. This is particularly so on the concert platform!

Solo classical singers have to find a balance between the demands of a role in the work performed and their public persona or image as vocal artists.

This can sometimes feel like a fine line to draw and compromises have to be made.

Most of the time an evening dress or a suit is worn.  Attempts are made from time to time to break out of this mould but it seems to nevertheless persist.  This classic wardrobe hasn’t been questioned for a while.

This summer semester 2024 the classical singers of Prof. Deborah York’s class at the Udk and the fashion design students of Prof. Wowo Kraus’s class will be questioning and discussing established codes and analysing why they are the way they are and why they haven’t changed very much …why why why?

The aim of the project is to develop two stage outfits for this new generation of classically trained singers with a different and more individual, personalised approach to their outfits.

The focus is to be on the artist and her/his/their voice.


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