Anton Alvarez – "The Extruder"

Photo credits: Anton Alvarez – „The Extruder“

Design Project 4. and 6. Semester BA,
also open for MA „Anpassungs- / Teilzeitstudium“
Maximum 12 participants

KM Johanna Schmeer
KM Annika Unger
LB Michal Fargo
LB Alexander Jentsch
Ceramics Workshop Technician Petra Akrap

Course schedule and location:
First meeting: 16.4.18 at 14:00
Regular weekly meetings after this:
Monday/Tuesday 10:00 – 16:00
Room 117

The course will start with an introduction to a large spectrum of techniques and strategies of working with ceramics. It will then continue with a particular focus on the design of tools, manufacturing machines, and experimental processes within the realm of ceramics – analogue, digital, hybrid, manual, or alchemistic.

The project will include an excursion to the state of the art European Ceramic Workcenter in the Netherlands (29.4.-2.5.), to porcelain manufacturer Kahla, as well as a ceramic 3d printing and physical computing workshop. There is a mandatory integrated short term project, “Ceramantics Warm Up”, which takes place in the short term project week (23.4.-27.4.). 

The course will be taught in English and German.