Prof. Achim Heine
Prof. Valeska Schmidt-Thomsen
Gastprof. Mads Dinesen
Gastprof. Stefanie Jasny
KM Sarah-Lena Walf

13.10.15 um 10h R309

Montags und Dienstags
+ Exkursionen

STR, Raum 402

Das Projekt findet sowohl
in der STR als auch in der
ENSAAMA/Paris statt

max. 20 Teilnehmer

An international meeting of High End and Luxury companies and a new generation of Designstudents from the fields of Interior- Product- and Fashion-Design from France and Germany.

Instéternel, resides in the association of the immediacy of sensations with the durability of things. Instant and eternal, two phrases that seem more like a paradox, than a common combination. Our teaching methods will be based especially on these unobvious fusions of two different aspects.

The project will create an experimental environment, bringing together individuals of all the participating parties. Ten luxury houses and high-end companies from France (members of Comité Colbert) and Germany (members of Meisterkreis) will be fused. We will be pairing 20 interior-design students from ENSAAMA Paris with 20 fashion and product-design students from UdK, Berlin, by bringing them into an intercultural exchange and interdisciplinary dialogue.

The projects will connect highly professional industry with young designers and their individual perspectives on the term „luxury“.

The projects will be structured in following phases:
A research phase on the participating companies and their professional background, tradition, craftmanship, history, philosophy and aesthetics, by on-site visits of all companies in order to gain a deeper understanding and insights into their production processes, technologies and company structures.

A workshop phase where this newly gained knowledge will be reviewed to sensitise the students to the companies and their core-values. This method enables the student-pairs to detect the similarities and divergencies of the companies, in order to find the inspiration for innovative ideas and concepts. The ideas could vary from products to services, from concepts to graphics, text, images or film and will be supervised and mentored by professors of different fields of design to offer each individual project the right methodical support.

Through weekly mentoring, group-presentations and discussions, the individular projects will be developed and improved during the time of the project. At the end of the of the project, all students will meet in Paris to prepare the final presentation of the projects.

The goal is to create a project that combines the knowledge of the companies and a fresh perspective of the students on future opportunities. Proffesional presented in an exhibition, including models/prototypes, graphics, text, images and film. The exhibition should appeal to both business-professionals and a public audience.

The final results will be presented in front of an international jury of business-professionals, company-representetives and special invited guests.