WRAP IT UP | Lukas Henneberger


In the supermarket ecosystem, goods are delivered to supermarkets on roll containers. In order to secure the cargo and stabilize the containers, they are wrapped with a plastic film made of polyethylene. According to the manufacturer, PE stretch film is made of 100% recyclable plastic. However, it is a pure single-use product. In the supermarket, it is unraveled and disposed of after the goods are received. Thus, the film is unusable after only one use. With my design, I would like to explore an alternative for this disposable item.

Through a, made of 100% TPU security film this problem can be counteracted. Wrap it Up is a reusable and recyclable alternative solution to the conventional wrap film. On the one hand it stabilizes the roll container, on the other hand goods are fixed on the container and cannot slip. Due to the high quality plastic, it can be reused numerous times.    Wrap it Up consists of a semi-transparent TPU film and several connectors, which are also made of TPU. The special feature is that the connectors taper so that they become very thin at the point of contact with the film. Both parts can be welded together. This means that no additional adhesive needs to be used and the mono-materiality is retained.

Lukas Henneberger, MA WS2021/22 – l.henneberger@gmx.de