behind locked doors



behind locked doors //  WiSe 22/23 // Design Project

For the Summer-Winter semester 22/23 we changed classrooms in order to collaborate with the pupils of the JSA (Jugend Strafanstalt) Berlin. Working in an environment behind locked doors, without our phones, without internet and without the tools we normally take for granted was an exciting challenge.

Social and circumstatual issues to do with imprisonment are the subjects the students were exploring  through their projects, developing concepts which were translated into garments and accessories. In short weekly workshops we did explore the creative force and energy of the participants from each intstitution. For example a sneaker workshop as well as body and fashion related exercises.


Prof. Wowo (Waldemar) Kraus, LB Corinna Dehn, LB Stephanie Penkov (Drapage), Stefan Hipp, Dorothée Warning, Julia Kunz



Leif Kessler

Fotografie: Lili Cirksena
Model: Kiarash Amourizi Varnamkhasti



Noemi Braun



Jakob Deutschmann

Fotos: Lili Cirksena
Model: Ivan Baryshnikov



Tim Escher

Foto: Darius Adam
Model: Lina Nix Assistant, Laurin Schuler



Eva Häuser

Foto: Nikolaus Brade
Model: Valentina Voss