Mondays and or Tuesdays 10.00-17.00
Room 204
Intro: for MA-Modul 1 & anpassungstudents

Kick off: 18 Oct. 09.30
Language: English

• Prof. Ineke Hans
• Prof. Ian Ferguson
• KM Maciej Chmara (intro  + crits)

Paricipants: Gregor Jahner, Louis Bindernagel, Sophie Stanitzek, Max O’dell, Caspar Frowein, Manuela Hübl

Cooperation project:
The product design students in MA-Modul 1 work on an external design project with Formlabs. In an intense 2 days workshop a deep dive is taken into the world of Formlabs at their headquarters in Berlin.
Formlabs offers in depth info on their specific technology and materials,  learn about common mistakes with 3d printing (LFS, SLS, SLA) and digital fabrication and inform about their aims and dreams. Within the project is looked at a number of questions that Formlabs would like to get a response to. One challenge can be picked based on your own preferences and background, but all circle around the theme of CUSTOMISATION.

There are 5 briefings:
1. for nerdy geeks
2. for concerned creators
3. for mindful makers
4. for the material minded
5. for the system-changers

18-19 Oct, 9.30-18.00:      introductions at Formlabs headquarters Funkhaus Berlin
21 Nov.09.30 – 14.00:       interim presentation at UdK Berlin (Str. Des 17. Juni 118
16 Jan, 09.30 – 18.00:      set up expo and final Customisation presentations (funkhaus)
regular meetings in-between

read the Full Formlabs Brief

impressions of a 2 day visit to Formlabs