PAST PRESENT – Conservation for Innovation | WiSe 2019/2020

design project 
for BA 3. Semester, 5+. Semester and MA Anpassungstudium

Prof. Ineke Hans
KM Maciej Chmara

visiting talks: mini symposium together with designtransfer

student assistent:
Anna Koppmann

straße des 17. juni 118:
monday/tuesdays, rooms 202/203

german & english

Can we conservate to innovate and can forgotten habits and methods become an intelligent present for our future?
For this project we look into how we dealt with food, technology, energy, cooperations and other topics in the past, and how those can inspire and transite into solutions for sensible and sustainable future living.

Program includes (see also links far below):
• a visit
to German Design Graduates on show in Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin from 11 Oct. till 10 Nov. 2019 (if you can: go and listen to talks program of the German Design Graduates)
• a meet & greet with Klasse Diez (ID1 Die Angewandte Wien)
• an excursion
is included to Dutch Design Week from 19-22 Oct. in Eindhoven (NL) with meets & greets with international designers and design thinkers, a visit to STUDIO INEKEHANS and the Open Air Museum in Arnhem. The excursion will take place together with the MA-students.
• a short projectWas war denn früher besser!?‚, by Maciej Chmara
• a mini symposium 
Conservation for Innovation, taking place in two parts in cooperation with designtransfer. International guests will speak about inspiring cases that we can learn from through a number of themes: Methods of doing / Methods of making / Methods of informing / Methods of living:

7 November:
→ methods of doing: Jane Withers, British design consultant, curator, and writer
→ methods of making: Carolien Niebling,  Swiss based researcher and food designer
→ methods of informing: Form us with love, Swedisch designers and strategists
10 December:
→ methods of living: Fernando Laposse, Mexican product and material designer

Planning in 4 steps:

WK 42-45 / 14 okt – 7 nov,
informing & research

organising and informing your brain / finding ideas for projects:
– excursion (+ report)
– symposium (+ report)
– short workshop (+ film)

WK 46-49 / 11 nov – 3 dec,
exploring & experimenting

from ideas to thorough concepts:
– brainstorming / first thoughts and thinking them through
– pushing and visualising these ideas in scale models & mockups
– ending with at least 5 valueable concepts / choosing 1

WK 50-6 / 9 dec – 3 feb,
prototyping & modeling

from concept to product:
– 1:1 models, proof of principles
– detailing
– final models handed in

WK 7 / 4 – 12/13 feb,

presenting idea and product:
– finish short film
– preparing exhibition

some inventions from the past ;-) :