„shopping cart“

credits: image1: shopping totem by David Welch

image2: Sylvie Fleury Serie ELA/75K NO.4(Be Late)


Gast. Prof. Stephanie Penkov

Prof. Wowo (Waldemar) Kraus

KM Alexandra Börner

KM Teresa Fagbohoun

LB Nina Biri

LB Johanna Braun

LB Frederik Britzlmaier

LB Mara Trübenbach

Dorothée Warning (Fertigung)

Stefan Hipp (Schnittkonstruktion)


Projektstart: Dienstag 23. April, 10.00 Uhr, Raum 411&412

Projekttag: Montag & Dienstag                   

Projektraum: 411&412

Teilnehmerzahl: alle Studierende aus dem 2.Semester


„shopping cart“

This upcoming Summer semester 2024 we (Alex, Teresa, Stephanie, Wowo) will introduce you to different research and design methods. We will explore 3D developments on and around the body, informing the capacity to use and reuse existing garments.

These research and design methods will not be specifically connected, but are intended to provide you with a red thread which you can then use to stitch and patchwork together the different themes and methods throughout the course of the semester.

The knowledge and experience you gain will start to fill your ’shopping cart‘ for future semester’s, providing you with a selection of raw ingredients to cook up fresh new recipes with.

Moodle Link: https://moodle.udk-berlin.de/moodle/course/view.php?id=2287