ARTEFACT – PATTERNS AND TEXTURES IN NATURE & ITS DESTRUCTION  //  WS 19/20  // Entwurfsprojekt 3. Semester

Artefact (Latin origin ars, artis „by or using art“, and factum „something made“)

The accelerating pollution of the environment has led to actions and movements, increasingly by young people, who are concerned for the future of our planet. Moreover, it is known that the textile and clothing industries, effectuating the consumers‘ demands for cheap and fast products, contribute profoundly to our impact. Nature’s destruction can be seen at every scale, and absurdly can be as beautiful as untouched nature itself.

This is the thematic and visual inspiration for exploring colours, patterns and textures through unconventional print and dye techniques as well as experimental fabric and leather treatments. Furthermore expedition wear is the starting point for garment construction, development of a collection and realisation of an outfit.

Lehrende: Gast prof. Deepti Barth/ KM Magdalena KohlerStefan Hipp / Julia Kunz

Die Projektteilnehmer:
Lukas-Maximilian Mogwitz, Lisbeth Luzie Richte, Maike Lauber, Laurin Stecher, Eliah Maag Barilli, Linus Nicholson, Sezgin Kivrim, Fanny Freundner, Mona Gutheil, Patrick Jun Engelmayer, Maurice Gerlach, René Habeth, Karl Caspar Hoess