CERAMANTICS I | WS 2017/2018


Entwurfsprojekt ab 3. Semester BA
Max. 8 – 10 Teilnehmer

Prof. Axel Kufus
KM Johanna Schmeer
KM Annika Unger
LB Michal Fargo
LB Alexander Jentsch
Keramik-Werkstattleiterin Petra Akrap

Montag/Dienstag 10 – 16
Raum 117

In this course we will introduce and explore a large spectrum of techniques and strategies of working with ceramics, moving back and forth between traditional craftsmanship, contemporary approaches, and digital methods such as ceramic 3d printing and 3d scanning.

Experimentation will be a key part of this course, through analogue and digital techniques, alchemistically, or ideally through a combination of these. Developing new approaches to the generation of surfaces, structures, shapes, and concepts, we hope to evoke convergences, tensions, and new opportunities for design.

Through material experimentation we will move towards a conceptual rethinking of the traditional ceramic object, asking which other opportunities for products lay within the world of ceramics — What might a ceramic gadget look like? What if a plate adapts a function beyond being decorative or serving food? Can the static, fragile material of ceramic become interactive?

The course will be taught in English and German.