New Grounds – Neue Gründe | WS 2018/2019

WiSe 2018/19:
max 15 participants from 3, 5 and 5+ Semester, also suitable for MA ‚anpassungs studenten‘

Project days:
Mondays & Tuesdays
Kick off: 16 October, 9.00am

Prof. Ineke Hans
LB / visiting lecturer:
Ottonie von Roeder
KM / assistant:
Maciej Chmara

Student assistant:
Anna Koppmann

29 Okt – 4 Nov: workweek in Istanbul at 4th Design Biennial: a School of Schools

• there will be talks by and meetings with experts during the workweek in Istanbul

• there will be a number of fitting evening talks to this project in our Project Rooms
– 16 Oct, 17.00:
Ottonie von Roeder
– 3 Dec, 18.00:
Lucas Wegwerth

Jasper Bertelsen
Esmée Willemsen
Anna Koppmann
Merlin Everding
Tobias Trübenbacher
Ayosha Kortlang
Julian Preindl
Martin Fenske
Tomma Suki Hinrichsen
Shogo Okawa
William Zhang
Tim Schröder

New problems ask for new solutions.
Design & Social Context’s  Winter Semester will dive into the times we live in and the products, projects, strategies and services we need as a society now and in our near future. For that we will connect with Design Biennial Istanbul’s ‚School of Schools‘ and the six topics that it highlighted for the future of design and design education.
Our aim will be to develop a product or a project  that contributes to one of these new problems with a new and fitting solution.

About A School of Schools
With this year’s theme ‘School of Schools’ design critic and curator Jan Boelen, established the topic of the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial. Over the course of six weeks, the Design Biennial will inhabit six venues (six of the city’s most iconic cultural institutions) with exhibitions on six themes (schools) that were declared as important future themes for design and education:
The Unmaking school
at Akbank Sanat, a centre for music and contemporary arts – explores our creative instinct as a drive for innovation in production, the future of work and engagement with our cities.
The Currents school at Yapı Kredi Culture Centre – looks at technology and systems new flows, networks, distribution and hierarchy of information, both analog and digital.
The Scales school at Pera Museum, an important art gallery – digs into new standards, ethics and values for our society and will investigate institutionalised biases and assumptions.
The Earth school at Arter, a not-for-profit contemporary art space – will examine the relationship between humans and the planet, asking questions about disasters and evolution.
The Time school at SALT Galata, an art space in former bank – travels from hyper-speed and acceleration into the expansiveness of deep time, looks at contested pasts and speculative futures.
The Digestion school at Studio-X Istanbul, an urban think tank – learns from metabolic systems, patterns of consumption and food infrastructure to consider circular education and lifelong learning.

STEP 1: 16-22 Oktober
• research into the 6 Biennial topics and get organised for Istanbul.
• 16 Oktober 17.00: introductory talk by Ottonie von Roeder
STEP 2: 28/29 October – 4 November

• an intense workweek in the venues of Istanbul Design Biennal to dig into the project via the Design Biennal’s six topics. We work for six days on 6 themes, work together with students from Istanbul and enjoy the program and talks that take place in the context of the Design Biennial and its wrap up program.
We present our first thoughts and outcomes in the Biennial during its closing weekend.
STEP 3: 7 November – 12 February

• back in Berlin one of the six first explorations will be worked out to a mature project till the end of the Semester.
– For the 3rd semester the project will be an exercise in relating the world we live in to a clear project and some first encounters with strategic thinking.
– For the 5th+ semester the tasks are the same, but the demand for strategies to implement your project will be higher.
STEP 4: 13 February – 7 March
Exhibition in Temporary Bauhaus Archiv Berlin, Knesebeckstrasse 1-2
• 12 February, 17.30-20.30: opening Design & Social Context Intervention #4: rethink, see
• 13 February, 18:30-21:00: discussion What Design Can Do in Temporary Bauhaus Archiv, see