3. Semester BA

Gast Prof. Deepti Barth
KM Magdalena Kohler Julia Kunz
Stefan Hipp
Dorotheé Warning

Straße des 17. Juni 118:
Montag + Dienstag, Raum 411/412


Artefact (Latin origin ars, artis „by or using art“, and factum „something made“)

The accelerating pollution of the environment and destruction of nature contemporaneous with political tendencies that seemingly deny these complex imminent issues, have resulted in acute actions and movements, such as Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion, etc., increasingly by young people who are concerned for the future of our planet. Moreover, it is known that the textile and clothing industries, effectuating the consumers‘ demands for cheap and fast products, contribute profoundly to our impact on the environment. The ruinous effect of human activity on the planet can be seen at every scale, from microplastic water pollution, to the stunning landscapes captured by J Henry Fair in the exhibition Artefakte, documenting industrial areas, toxic waste, coal mines, oil sands, poisonous deposits and others in their beautiful colours and patterns from high above. The resulting destruction of nature can be as beautiful as untouched nature itself and shall be the thematic and visual inspiration for exploring colours, patterns and textures through unconventional print and dye techniques, fabric treatments and leather manipulations in this silkscreen print project.
Beginning from the most neutral of materials – calico, and leather, the students will research and apply experimental treatments and combinations thereof. Expedition wear and gear shall serve as starting point for garment construction and patterns, for the design of a collection of 8-10 outfits and the realisation of one outfit with the newly developed techniques and materials. The resulting work shall be documented in a photoshoot, and reflect each student’s personal understanding of this complex topic.