CRAFTOGRAPHY: Exploring Design through the Choreography of Craft

Guest Prof. Shay Alkalay (Raw-Edges Design Studio)
M.A. Annika Unger
M.A. Anja Lapatsch

Design project for BA students from the 3rd semester and MA adaptation students

Monday April 29, 2024 in London
(all information on April 08!)

Room: 117 & 116a

There is something fascinating about witnessing the creation of a product and observing how materials transform into objects. Whether it’s industrial production with large-scale machinery moving in a choreographed manner, or the mesmerizing handcrafted methods like spinning pottery, or even the dynamic food market scenes where delicacies like candy floss and spinning doner are prepared on demand – each process holds its own allure.
In this course, our focus is on the production of objects, with careful attention to the methods employed. Students will be encouraged to construct their own machines right from the outset, enabling them to bring their designs to life. Throughout the course, they’ll have the opportunity to refine their creations and develop a deeper connection with their machinery.

We’ll draw inspiration from various creative individuals, including artists, musicians, craftsmen, and even market stalls. We’ll also explore films depicting production, from classics like Charlie Chaplin’s „Modern Times“ to videos on YouTube showing the making of Pencils and the like. As part of the summer exhibition, students will showcase their machines, turning the exhibition space into a performing room, presenting their production processes and their results.

Given the brevity of the semester and the extensive tasks ahead, collaboration will be encouraged, with students working in pairs to maximize productivity.
The Course will take place on Monday and Tuesday with On-Line meetings on any other week.