Wir stellen uns vor / Digital Production | WS 2017/2018

direct to:

Design project, 3. Semester BA
17 Okt. 2017 – 14 Febr 2018

Prof. Ineke Hans

Student assistant:
Anna Koppmann

Visiting talks: 
• Herman August Weizenegger (HAW)
about: Manufacturers, digital design and organizing design weeks.
• Julia Läufer (Läufer & Keichel)
about: design furniture for workspaces and a case study
• Scarlett San Martin (opendesk)
about: the backgrounds and setup of Opendesk, open Manufacturing and CNC production and the links and opportunities with local manufacturing.

• introduction into UdK CNC-workshop

• Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven
Studio Ineke Hans Arnhem 
• Visit to chopchopcnc Berlin, workshop for open source platform  Opendesk

Participating students:
Anna Koppmann
Daniel Tratter
Elise Mattisson Chue
Laura Laipple
Merlin Everding
Lisa Böhm
Sergei Saraiva
Tizian Heinsohn
Shao Chuan Lin

Wir stellen uns vor /we imagine: The Netherlands <->  Berlin

In this first project of Ineke Hans at UdK Berlin we get acquainted with each other and the 3rd and 5th semesters get engaged in local-global / digital-analogue production in two different projects.
However,  in the first semesterweek we will visit the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven together and meet up with presenting designers and productlabels and see the graduation show of Design Academy Eindhoven. We will visit the Dutch Design Awards exhibition and some design studio’s and hear and see new or Dutch visions on design.

We finish with a visit to Ineke’s studio in Arnhem where she will speak about the way she works. After that it turns around and the students imagine how we can work together in Berlin:
-> imagine how we can work and study together in Berlin in the coming years
-> imagine what is needed for that in our workrooms 202 and 203
-> present a project that could work for this


Digital production
-> your project should be made from plywood and stretch the limits of cnc-routering
-> it is preferably produced with the cnc milling machine in the UdK cnc workshop (check sizes) via a digital file
-> if possible, appropriate and selected the product can be realized during the lecture-free time (spring 2018).

From local to global:
-> design your project in such a way that it can be produced in in cnc workshops via digital downloads (open source production)

– design exercise from 2d (sheet) to 3d (object)
– experience with preparation of production
– design for a reality (place, context, price, feasibility)

Desired for completion
– 1: 1 prototype
– documentation of the project and how is it made (concept / text / photo’s / film)
– digital drawings for reproduction + nesting plan
– price in case of  production