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Master Product Design 2021/22

From 2021/22 on there is no longer an overall Master theme for all MA design students.
In the 1st Master Semester (till feb) all product design masters work on their personal themes and fascinations and work out their ideas get prepared for the second semester to work these plans out in their Masterproject.
Next to that there are visiting guest and all students also worked on a set design project. In 2021/2022, a Kooperationsprojekt with BASF: One Material, One Product.

SEE: MA – Produktdesign 2021/2022 – 1st semester Projects, Guests, Excursions
and: MA – Produktdesign 2021/2022 – Zwischenpräsentationen 

Master Jahrgang 2020/21

Work in Progress

gemacht für?
gemacht aus?
gemacht von?
gemacht in?
gemacht mit?
gemacht wie?
gemacht warum?

Was hat DESIGN mit MACHEN zu tun?

SIEHE: MA – Produktdesign 2020/2021 – Zwischenpräsentationen